Change in Facebook DP magically contributes to the Indian economy!

Modi and Mark in DigitalIndia support

Modi and Mark in DigitalIndia support

This post is an outcome of madness after seeing Mark Zuckerberg changing his DP on facebook in support of Digital India and the entire country and abroad following bandwagon.

By showing ‘support’ and changing the profile picture, just how exactly am I contributing to Digital India? Scores of NRI’s are always doing the ‘support’ bit by showing their love during every showcase of Indian culture. But how far is this ‘support’ going? When it comes to the real ‘contribution’ the daily bread it earns, end up supporting their native economy. Mr. Zuckerberg with this gesture unintentionally just added to his country’s too.

During the recent’ ModiInUS’ visit, the extensive coverage that the Indian media gave these PIO’s (person of Indian origin) settled outside since generations is amazing! They literally thrust the mic on them asking, “What do you think about your country India’s development?” And evidently these ardent Indians would want to contribute to this booming growth, with words! If opportunity to sit on this India Growth wave strikes you on the face then why would you not grab the chance? These PIO’s with heavy accents and show of only culture easily give away that ‘most’ rarely travelled to India and rarely know the real India.  We also sure know several Indians who voluntarily left shore to settle abroad in search of lifelong self-sustenance. Their regular banter, “Who really wants to stay in so much mud sling”? Leave alone in contributing to change. Best, escape to a better life. But once in that nation, they will not leave a single show of Indian-ness with the smallest celebration and largest congregation. (read: the Hardik Patel strike by US community that was to happen – Read here). The problem is not with the lakhs of students who go there for better education. The brain drain happens when only a few return back letting the lakhs of money spent by the govt. on them go in haste.

I am not a fanatic Indian who objects this. It’s their life their better choice, who am I to call debate. It just affects to see the media throw so much light on them when they really dont care. They left India long back. We have far more better success stories in India. As much as I admire Modi and his outstanding initiatives, I yet think he stretches too far in support of PIO’s. Nonetheless I am no intellectual in his capacity.

Supporting Digital India is great. But after a successful Townhall meet, I expected Facebook to come up with a much better campaign with a contribution factor. Thats what we all want to do. We dont want an FB to to show us the way to support. Modi already does enough through his social media tactics. Rather contributing just a 1/- would have been innovative as a thought.

Change in dp is just another change of mind, forgotten after counting the number of likes. In marketing terms it was a smart enagement tool for its second largest user base. And to better its brand image of doing supporting social causes.  As for Mark Zuckerberg he is a businessman after all, tapping on the Indian emotional quotient 🙂