Aarushi Talwar Case files: once again

Is justice is swaying from side to side? An open-ended view written in dismay!

I usually don the hat of a movie critic when one of the Friday releases swings my mood to an extreme; most often the pleased side, at rarity in disdain. But this week’s release ‘Talvar’ cast such a lasting impression that it left me with fewer words to critique and largely baffled at this reel cum real life story, unravel once again. Much discussed since May 16 2008, but curiosity got me to revisit the Aarushi Talwar case files for details that I may have missed.

The movie will haunt you for a while and make you aware of details not shown before. It will engulf you in shock at the shoddy affairs of the UP Police for compromising and trampling on the crime scene. I was unaware of the ego clashes between the two CBI teams respectively presenting  their two pronged theory. The CBI director’s way of asking to come to a conclusion in a scene is as if like tossing a coin and deciding. You can’t help wonder if justice has really been rightly given? As much as you wish that it can’t be the parents, there seems to be no fool proof against the Nepali servants either.

It’s not about taking about sides, but its uncanny how circumstantial evidences have also weighed themselves equally on the two accused sides. On one side the narco-analysis of the servants fills you with shock and the theory that parents may have turned murderers for trivial reasons holds no water. But the movie does not explain the unjustified points as well. You can’t help but judge them based on their dialogues and actions with their witnesses (here). Nupur’s reaction as justified by the maid on asking her to re-check the latch again, Anmol (Aarushi’s friend)’s call going unreceived on the landline past midnight (here), the out of order landline as claimed by Rajesh Talwar and no first hand urgency in informing the police before neighbor’s intervention (here). Human reactions are different for all, absolutely true but its difficult to not notice the indirect answers to the questions during media interview with no signs defensive approach. (here and here) I wish these all are plain coincidences and not witness to a lot more.

Nonetheless, the movie left me feeling anguished for the parents for the lifetime imprisonment without strong evidence against them. Justice should be rightly served with purpose and not out of influence. Its a mockery at the police and judiciary. It sways in favour of the parents, but the facts are such that I wonder if truth is only what meets the eye?  One line about the movie -a must watch because it’s gripping and keeps you hooked till the end.