At the cost of being sappy let me preach that I believe it’s all about making the most out of everything in this limited edition called Life.  I am regular girl who wants to achieve many random things in life….but also someone who thinks its best to forget it all and go watch a movie.  

A post-graduate in biotech,  I ideally should have been on the way to inventing something groundbreaking by now. But that irrational me wanted to delve into healthcare communications and I am trying to juggle my way into it.  

An enthusiast reader who likes to flip through anything that is kept in proximity be it a an Archies comic, a classic novel or a magazine of any genre. Keeps an interest in a variety – history, culture or public affairs.

A classical dancer by interest, movie buff by choice and a freelance writer by passion, the blog is a sneak peek into my life’s travelings and my take on anything fancy around me.

Thanks for stopping by… Please share, comment or criticize – but above all enjoy

Reach me here – subhashree1506@gmail.com

Happy Reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. love your writing style, reminds me of old school classic style…n yes, great taste. Your blog has a nice,pleasant,delightful, soothing feel 🙂

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